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The Terramac RT7R is the newest and most compact model of the rotating crawler carriers designed by Terramac. This unit can rotate 360-degrees and is equipped to haul up to 14,000 pounds of material. The Terramac RT7R dumps from any angle or on the go for maximum efficiency. This unit’s rotation keeps operators in a face-forward position at all times providing enhanced safety while offering greater access to remote project sites and tight spaces. The RT7R’s rubber tracks create low ground pressure which minimizes ground damage in environmentally sensitive terrains and allows the unit to traverse over rugged, steep, or wet ground conditions with ease.

  • 360° rotation for maximum hauling efficiency
  • 14,000 lb. carrying capacity
  • Compact size for increased access and maneuverability
  • Non-permitted load for ease of transport

In any challenging ground conditions, you can rely on the flexibility of the Terramac RT7R rubber-tracked carrier. The RT7R model offers everything you need to maneuver effortlessly through problematic terrain to reach your jobsites, no matter where the location. Groff Tractor & Equipment is your local Terramac dealer for sales, service support, and parts availability.

About Terramac

Terramac manufacturing began in 2011 in North America with the debut of the first mid-sized crawler carrier, the RT9. The RT9 was designed by the Terramac engineering team to address common issues with competitor products as a high-quality alternative. The line expanded in 2015 with the RT14 for larger loads and the rotating units were introduced in 2016. Terramac continued to expand both the rotating and non-rotating lines and most recently introduced the compact rotating crawler carrier, the RT7R, in 2020.

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