What to Consider When Buying Used Construction Equipment

Investing in heavy construction equipment can come at a hefty price tag. Contractors planning to grow their business share the same question about buying used equipment: what do you need to consider to ensure you get the best deal?

Budding construction or landscaping businesses can benefit from paying a lower upfront cost while expanding their fleet and starting with second-hand equipment has many advantages.

When purchasing machinery that was previously used, it is important to keep an eye out for wear and tear while researching the type of equipment that will best serve your construction needs.

Here’s what to consider when buying used construction equipment:

1. Be Sure the Used Equipment Meets Your Specific Needs

Cutting your budget doesn’t mean you also have to compromise your project’s specifications. When buying used equipment, always make sure the machinery’s size, model, attachments, and capabilities match your operational requirements.

2. Confirm the Equipment’s Legal Compliance by Checking its History

Now that you have a clear idea of your project’s needs, you can narrow down your options and begin to inspect your chosen equipment’s history. You don’t want to purchase machinery that has had problems in the past or outstanding liens. By looking at its history, you can assess all the necessary documents to prove its legalities. This will also help you identify the serial number or PIN, allowing you to determine if the equipment was stolen at any point.

3. Inspect the Equipment’s Functionality and Longevity by Checking its Operating Hours

Once you’re sure that the used construction equipment has no liens, you must confirm the machinery’s functionality and ability to withstand your work site conditions.

Some equipment can look as good as new, but it can potentially be reaching the end of its life. This means it is crucial to check its operating hours. Older machines pushing past their prime may come with higher maintenance costs, and you could potentially end up spending more money on the equipment than you originally intended.

The Bottom Line: Inspect Used Equipment Thoroughly Before Deciding to Buy

Construction equipment ownership can be expensive, but contractors new to the industry have a wide range of options for scaling their fleet. Purchasing used construction equipment can be an excellent way to access top-quality and high-performing machinery for a more affordable price, but the buying process requires a careful approach to ensure the machine’s value.

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