For many years, Groff Tractor & Equipment has been Pennsylvania’s top authorized dealer for CAM Superline Trailers. At Groff we are not only committed to providing you with high quality equipment from CAM Superline, but also to providing exceptional service to go along with your world-class equipment.

Groff Tractor & Equipment offers a full line of CAM Superline trailers and haulers. When it comes to trailers, CAM Superline equipment will exceed expectations when the job calls for consistent quality and long-term performance. Not only will you be investing in a superior CAM trailer, you will also be backed by Groff’s exceptional service team.

With Groff Tractor & Equipment, you can be confident that you’re getting the best quality CAM Superline hauling equipment, guaranteed. Shop our selection of CAM trailers today!

You can even rent CAM Superline trailers!

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